Sorry Mom Productions LLC and Brody Web Design are pleased to offer our website as a marketing tool for your business. As professional website and app developers ourselves, we have noticed a lot of marketing vehicles that either don’t work or are fraudulent including the large players. We thought offering our audience exposure to marketers for a small fee would be a win-win. Allowing us to keep bringing rich content to our audience and give fellow business owner a low-cost advertising option.

We have had over 100K unique visitors from February 2017 to February 2018. We also have over 17K Facebook followers and 800+ Pinterest followers. Our audience is well engaged and mostly from the United States.

We are offering our top, side and bottom sliders which will each hold 4 separate ads. The ads will run for one year and give you exposure to approximately 100K visitors.

Click banners below to place an order or contact us with any questions:

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