Some mediums and spiritualists suggest that the more we open ourselves up to the world of the paranormal, the more sensitive we are to what goes on around us. Whether or not you agree with this theory, it certainly seems true when it comes to Dan Aykroyd—the brains behind the creation of the 1984 film Ghostbusters as well as one of the lead actors.

Whenever he’s asked about his inspiration for the film, he claims that it was his family, who have always had deep connections with the spiritual realm. Since he was a child, Dan Aykroyd’s life has been haunted by the paranormal.

His grandfather, Samuel, had a passion for finding out what lay beyond and often carried out seances in his home with the assistance of Dan’s father, Peter. He kept detailed notes on pen and paper of what happened during each occurrence. The notes were found after his death.

Dan’s mother also claims that spirits seem to have an attraction to the family. She often recounts a story of when Dan was just a newborn baby and she witnessed an older couple walking up to the foot of the bed while she was nursing. She recognized them as her son’s grandparents before they faded away, and she took it as a sign of their love and approval.

Dan Aykroyd often describes his childhood home as a hotbed for paranormal activity. His brother claimed that he once saw a trumpet floating around the room where seances frequently took place. Overnight guests often reported that invisible hands seemed to be pulling on their sheets at night.

In terms of hauntings, not much changed in Dan Aykroyd’s life when he moved into his Hollywood home. The expansive and private five-bedroom residence was the home of a number of celebrities and wealthy people before Aykroyd. Ringo Starr, Cass Elliot, and Natalie Wood were just a few of the popular celebrities who lived in what became known as Dan Aykroyd’s haunted house.

And it seems as if some previous owners decided to stick around.

According to the Ghostbusters star, two ghosts like to keep him company and make their presence known around the house. Luckily, neither appear to have malicious intent.

One of the ghosts that haunt Dan Aykroyd is a male spirit who died while living in the house and is buried next to it. Aykroyd recounts one instance in which he turned over and felt the presence of the ghost in bed with him. He noticed the imprint of a person on the mattress and, instead of running in fear, he decided to cozy up next to it.

Another ghost that haunts Dan Aykroyd is believed to be the ghost of Cass Elliot, a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame who is most known for being a singer in the group the Mamas & the Papas.

According to Dan Aykroyd, he believes this to be the ghost of Mama Cass because her presence is large. She frequently moves jewelry across the dresser and turns the StairMaster machine on without notice.

When asked if he’s ever actually seen a ghost, Dan Aykroyd admits that he hasn’t, but says that he constantly feels energies that are not human. He feels the energy of spirits around him and is sensitive to their presence.

While many people fear the paranormal and the unknown, the experience of Dan Aykroyd shows us that it’s not something we need to run from. It’s possible to coexist with the paranormal and be curious of what’s happening around us. When we let go of our fear, we never know what we may experience.

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