The team at Sorry Mom Productions LLC is excited to announce we will be releasing Wandering Souls™ The Game this Friday February 2nd. Yes, this is for real, not another countdown timer reset.

We are approved for release on Apple as well as Android. So you will see us in both app stores Friday morning.

We have pushed the limits of technology in many ways and have implemented features that to the best of our knowledge don’t exist within any other app. This has been the source of many delays because we wanted everything perfect for our fans.

Our fans are the most important part of this process. Without you we would have nothing. So thank you so much for that.

As far as the app, in our opinion, we have created the most realistic ghost app on the market. Merging the real world and real history into something that is extremely scary on some level.

We will continue to bring you interesting haunted and paranormal articles on our website as well.

Once again. Thank you all for your support. And hope you enjoy Friday’s release.

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