The island of Bermuda has an interesting, 400-year-long history involving witchcraft, pirates, and maritime warfare. The original inhabitants of the island were tormented by devilish screams, so much so that they nicknamed it “The Isle of Devils”. Of course, that was before they found out that these hellish sounds were coming from the island’s resident hogs.

Although not solely belonging to Bermuda, the Bermuda Triangle also has its own history of strange occurrences—between ships and planes mysteriously disappearing, UFO sightings, and even time travel. So, it should come as no surprise that Bermuda is considered to be a hot spot for paranormal activity and is known to have numerous resident ghosts.

Perhaps one of the most famous haunted houses in Bermuda is the house of John Cox. It’s over 200 years old and surrounded by nearly 15 acres of orange orchards and forest. One of the house’s original inhabitants (who is also the ancestor of the current owner), Laura Cox, was known to be infatuated with gardening.

Both residents and visitors to the house report that she often appears with an angry expression and points at the spot where her flower garden once was. Apparently she wasn’t too happy with the remodeling decisions.

Captain George Dew is another spirit known to haunt the island. He was a pirate in his youth and was known for smuggling, pillaging villages, and other pirate-related crimes. In 1699, he seemed to have a change of heart and bought a charming house in St. George’s Parish—which is another one of the more haunted houses in Bermuda. From then on, he was considered to be an active member of the community and an overall good citizen.

His house is now a bed & breakfast and guests report that every now and then they can hear him playing the harpsichord. It seems like Captain George Dew took his love for music to the grave with him.

But at least Captain George Dew doesn’t bother the locals as much as George the Ghost does. George the Ghost known to reside in Fort St. Catherine—the oldest and largest fort on the island of Bermuda dating back to the year 1614. Visitors to the fort have reported hearing spooky sounds and seeing George in the lower chambers of the fort.

Legend has it that he was annoying people so much that they called in a priest to perform an exorcism on the property in the 1970s. Apparently, it wasn’t very effective since he’s still creeping out guests with his ghostly behavior.

Hugh Gray, yet another Bermuda ghost, also continues to make residents and visitors uncomfortable with his habit of lurking alone the coastline on the western side of the island. The former hotel owner was found dead at the bottom of the stairs in his cottage. Nobody is quite sure how he died or if foul play was involved, but something about his presence suggests that he’s waiting for justice to be served.

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