While the paranormal is a concept that has come to be more and more accepted throughout the years, the existence of demons still continues to be a controversial area in the paranormal world. It’s a part of the Catholic religion, but many people find it difficult to believe that there exist evil spirits with the sole purpose of hurting others.

However, Latoya Ammons, her family, and those present in their life at the time were met first-hand with just how damaging demonic possession can be in one’s life.

Latoya Ammons’ story began in November 2011, when she, her three young children, and her mother, Rosa Campbell, moved into a new house on Carolina Street in Gary, Indiana. Optimistic about their new home, they were overcome with surprise when their front porch was overtaken by black flies in December of that year. No matter how many times they tried to get rid of them, they always returned.

Latoya and her mother would occasionally hear footsteps coming up from the basement in the middle of the night. Even when the basement door was locked, they would hear it creak open. Each time they went to investigate, nobody was there.

These small, but strange, occurrences became more serious on March 10th, 2012, when Latoya Ammons witnessed her 12-year-old daughter levitating above the bed as she slept. Unsure of what to do, Latoya and her mother were filled with fear. When the child was lowered to the bed minutes later, she awoke with no recollection of what had happened.

The family was sure that they were being plagued by something from another realm—something paranormal. They reached out to a number of Catholic churches, but very few paid them any attention. One recommended that they deep clean the house with bleach and ammonia and anoint every window and door with a cross made with oil.

They also sought the help of two clairvoyants, who warned them that the house was plagued with over 200 demons and that they needed to get out. Due to financial difficulties, moving was not an option for the family. They followed the clairvoyants advice to create an altar and cleanse the house with sage and sulphur instead.

The altar was created in the basement and featured statues of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus Christ, as well as a Bible open to psalm 91 which states,

“You will not fear the terror of the night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
nor the pestilence that stalks the darkness,
nor the plague that destroys at midday.”

They repeated the same psalm as they walked around cleansing the house.

The three days following the cleanse and the building of the altar brought peace to the home and the family. But they were soon to find out that it was simply the calm before the storm.

The demonic activity changed from strange occurrences to physical possessions. Even the children would become possessed. Evil smiles would cross their faces and their voices would become uncharacteristically deep. Latoya Ammons was also possessed on several occasions, describing the experience as a feeling of lightheadedness, weakness, and being without control. Latoya’s mother claimed she wasn’t affected because she was born with a spiritual guardian that protected her from evil.

Latoya’s seven-year-old son would sit in his closet speaking with the unseeable spirit of a young boy who would explain to him the feeling of dying. The same boy was also thrown out of the bathroom by an invisible force on one occasion. Her daughter was injured by a headboard and needed stitches. The girl described being held down to the bed by demons, unable to speak or move, as they told her she was going to die and that she would never see her family again.

There was talk of exorcising the demons, but the priest that was involved with the family could not initially get approval for Latoya Ammons’ exorcism.

The situation quickly gained the attention of the DCS and raised concern about the safety of the children. They were taken into protective custody.

During an interview with the children and their grandmother, the youngest boy began walking backwards up the wall and onto the ceiling before flipping over and landing on his feet. The DCS officer was terrified and tried to convince police that the child did not run up the wall, but actually walked backwards up it in a way that should be physically impossible.

The police investigated the home to decide if it was suitable for children. Strange things began happening to the officers equipment and they picked up an unidentified voice saying “hey” on a recording. One officer began to face strange events, such as car malfunctions, on his way home. The next investigation involved a priest and had similar results.

A Catholic priest finally received approval to perform Latoya Ammons’ exorcism. Each demon is said to have its own name and personality, so he instructed Latoya to research who could be possessing her in order for the exorcism to be more effective.

Although her computer repeatedly shut off during her research, she was able to find the names of the demons based on how she was being affected. The demon Beelzebub, for example, is the Lord of the Flies, and she was able to find the names of several demons that specifically tortured children.

She described the feeling as being so painful that it was like giving birth, as if something was being pulled out of her that didn’t want to let go. She had to go through three separate exorcisms in Gary, Indiana in order to finally rid her of the evil that was plaguing her life. The first two were in English while the last was in Latin.

She moved to a new house after the exorcism and was reunited with her children. She says that she now lives without fear.

There’s no doubt that our world is filled with both good and evil. Latoya Ammons’ story, whether true or not, shows us an example and gives us hope that good can conquer even the darkest of evil.

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