Ancient cultures used human sacrifice to appease their gods.

A society’s spiritual leaders offered up the blood of victims to insure victory in battle, life giving rain, and long life for chiefs and tribal leaders. This grisly practice seems to have faded away. Some historians believe it still happens in demonic rituals today.

Fast forward from long ago to Guanajuato Mexico in the 1890s. Police confirm that the local deranged serial killer Tadeo Mejia murdered several dozen men and women in satanic rituals of human sacrifice. The mansion is now called the “House of Laments” or “Case de Las Lamentos.”

But why did Mejia kill? One answer strikes fear among civilized people. Could insanity infect anyone at any time?

Mejia lost his wife Constanza in a robbery gone bad. She was killed by her attackers.

Some say grief destroyed his mind. But was he on the edge of madness already?

According to researchers, Mejia reached out to a witch, or ‘Bruja’ in Spanish, for help. He was obsessed with contacting Constanza in her ghostly realm. He knew she could never return. But if Mejia found her, maybe they both would find peace.

The witch, as the legend goes, whispered, “You can connect with the love of your life through bloody human sacrifices.” Was the witch influenced by ancient Aztec ceremonies? Good question, as the Aztecs of Central Mexico practiced ritual sacrifice. They slaughtered terrified men and women captured in war.

And so, the torture and terror at the House of Laments began. Locals report hearing disturbing moans and screams. Tourists report seeing ghosts wandering about, some silent, some crying.

Mejia kept symbols of his demonic obsession. A scene featuring Mejia with skulls, chains, and other black magic symbols greet the unsuspecting visitor. Does this remind you of the old poem, “Will you walk into my parlor, said the spider to the fly?”

Police say dozens of young men and women were murdered in the cult of death rituals. The grisly human sacrifices continued for ten years in the dungeon-like basement of Mejia’s Guanajuato home.

Mejia’s serial murders stayed hidden until, the maniac killed himself. Officials were shocked and horrified to discover two complete corpses in the home. Their revulsion didn’t stop there.

The furnace in the basement contained a large number of bone fragments; Police reason he burned the bodies to try and hide any evidence. No one knows how many innocent people were brutally killed during Mejia’s reign of horror.

The House of Laments is now a museum, but it may not be a completely harmless setting. Investigators continue to claim that spooky paranormal experiences go on day and night.

By all reports, Guanajuato is a beautiful city. Plazas filled with trees and flowers, houses painted with bright colors, elaborate theaters, and a busy marketplace welcome travelers. Cobblestone streets click clack a greeting as carriage wheels. Street performers’ lively steps echo through the busy city.

What lurks underneath the glamour of Guanajuato in the House of Laments?  Do scary phantoms hide in dark, gloomy corners? Are tortured souls crying out in misery?

Only the dead know, but will they tell you?

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