The “Well to Hell” is a strange and outstanding story originating from Siberia. But does it hold some truth? Or is it just an urban legend? Either way the story is fascinating and incredible.

The story began when scientists drilled a 14.5 km (9 mile)-deep hole in Siberia. While the legend itself usually doesn’t specify the name or location of the hole, there is a borehole located on the Kola Peninsula in Russia, appropriately named the Kora Borehole.

Even though this borehole isn’t in Siberia, it’s often thought to be the location of this controversial event. Of course, it’s also possible that there’s a Russian borehole in Siberia that we don’t know about. The goal of this project was to drill as deep into the Earth’s crust as possible.

Legend has it that once scientists reached 14.5 km deep, the drill broke into a cavity in the Earth’s crust. Scientists reportedly said that temperatures in this cavity were upwards of 1,100 degrees Celsius (2,000 degrees Fahrenheit). Some reports also say that the drill began to quickly spin on its own.

As if that wasn’t terrifying enough, scientists on site lowered high-quality microphones into the cavity. What they heard shocked them.

The microphones recorded what sounded like thousands of tortured souls screaming in agony. The scientists were convinced that these were the sounds of Hell. The sounds were so terrifying, in fact, that half of the people on the job site quit that very day.

Later that night, gas burst out of the hole and the form of a winged demon revealed itself. Written in the smoke were the words “I have conquered” in Russian. The scientists feared that they had opened the gate separating Hell and Earth.

Strangely, the medics on site were reportedly told to give the witnesses a sedative which would erase their short-term memory.

The story first found its way to the public in a local Finnish newspaper called Ammennusatia. In 1989, it was more famously broadcasted on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), a Christian television network. This story has been used by various Christian groups as proof that Hell exists, but some Christian groups have also rejected the story and tried to prove it as false.

During this time, the recording with the sounds of hell had not yet been released to the public. In 2002, the story was featured on Art Bell’s radio show Coast to Coast AM. A listener had sent in the recordings, claiming they were the tormented souls from the Well to Hell in Siberia. Skeptics have merely dismissed these “screams of Hell” as being altered audio samples from a film, specifically Baron Blood (1972).

So, what is the truth here? On the one hand, skeptics regard this story as purely an urban legend, stating that we have no actual proof. The audio could have easily been faked and there aren’t any witnesses, except for Dr. Azzacove, the man who is said to have reported the incident to the Finnish newspaper. But there is very little information available about him.

Or is the Russian government simply doing an excellent job at covering up the incident and making it seem like a myth? Could they have accidentally discovered the hole to Hell and now are trying to cover it up? Could the myth about the sedatives be true?

Is there a deeper truth to this story? I’ll let you be the judge.

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