Australia is place of vast open space in which to disappear is not uncommon at all. About 38,000 people are reported missing each year in Australia, with 23,000 involving a person under the age of 18, according to the National Missing Persons Coordination Centre in Australia. This is over 100 people everyday. While a large percentage of these missing individuals are found in a short period of time these are still staggering numbers.

So where do these people go? Every case is different. Some people may just want to disappear, leaving their troubles behind. Others may have simply gotten lost. Then there are the individuals who have disappeared from events beyond their control.

Many horror films have been made based on this premise. Framing the story around a group of tourist getting lost and kidnapped by an evil resident of a nearby town. One such movies was “Wolf Creek.” The movie starts out with a black screen with white text stating the number of missing persons in Australia every year. Playing off the fear of this staggering number and setting the stage for one of the scariest horror movies ever made. This 2005 film was marketed as being based on true events and later became a tv series in 2016.

The 2001 case of Peter Falconio and the assault on Joanne Lee, his girlfriend by Bradley John Murdoch was cited as influences for the movie. Most people believed the entire movie was based on these true events, but the movie had many sources of influence. Such as the Australian Backpacker Murders. Neverthelesstheless still a great horror movie.

Horror movies shine a spotlight on our deepest and darkest fears. Taking us to places in our own mind we would otherwise not go. Giving us that rush of adrenaline that so many of us seek. But what about reality?

When real life sets the stage for a movie it intensifies our fears. Knowing the reality we live in can be an evil place is far more scary than any other fear Hollywood can invent.

After reading the first few paragraph of this article how many of you thought “I am never going to Australia”? This is normal reaction. But what if I told you Australia’s number of missing person cases is far below that of the United States. At any given time there are around 90,000 missing person cases in the United States. In 2016 there were 647,435 individuals in the U.S. reported missing according to National Crime Information Center (NCIC). With a large percentage of these individuals being found.

The number of missing persons in the world at any given time would scares the hell out of any sane person. Shining a light on this sad fact we all face as a society, takes us to a place in our mind no one wants to go.

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