Marilyn Monroe stole the hearts of so many with her controversial style that only she could pull off. Now the blonde bombshell’s ghost is still letting you know “I’m not done yet”.

In the 1950’s Marilyn Monroe was larger than life. But on August 5th 1962, Marilyn was found dead in her home in Los Angeles, CA. Her death was assumed to be a suicide from a drug overdose. But many believe Marilyn was murdered. One of the strangest things reported was that her last conversation was with President John F. Kennedy. This led to several theories of her death.

It was reported that Marilyn had an obsession with John F. Kennedy and becoming the first lady. So did someone eliminate this possible political nightmare? We will probably never know but it appears she is trying to speak to us from the grave.

Marilyn Monroe’s ghost haunts Hollywood and the surrounding area letting her presence known particularly near the area that she was found dead.

The ghost of Marilyn is most active in the      Los Angeles, CA home in which she lived before her death. She has made appearances in suite 1200 of the Roosevelt Hotel and wanders the area around her Hollywood star. The social butterfly also frequents the place she was laid to rest and even will take to the road in her old Cadillac.

We all know that Marilyn Monroe enjoyed being the center of attention and that may have been what made her who she was. But a lot of times we will say a person is larger than life. When we say this do we ever stop and ask ourselves why? Maybe it’s because the soul of that person is stronger than we can comprehend. Resonating their voice through this life and the next. Marilyn Monroe appears to be one of these souls. Taking the hearts of many and touching souls of a select few.


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