This urban legend is as true as they come although many versions of the story exist. As the legend goes a married couple went on their honeymoon in Las Vegas, Nevada. Upon arrival they checked into room 301 of a local unnamed hotel. Once they entered their hotel suite the couple was overtaken by a foul odor. The couple not wanting to waste anytime shrugged off the odor and went on to celebrate their marriage. The next morning they called the front desk to complain. They explained that the room smelled terrible and would like a different room. The hotel staff apologized and told the couple they had no other rooms available at the time. So the manager sent up house keeping to clean the room from top to bottom.

The couple went out on the town for a few hours then returned to their room. When they came within proximity of their room they could smell the odor in the hallway. They once again called down to the front desk a demanded a solution to the problem. The hotel manager agreed to find the couple a room at a different hotel in Las Vegas. The manager was unable to deliver on what he had told the couple because there was a convention in town and all the rooms were booked.

The couple were at their wits’ end and determined to locate the source of the odor themselves. They tried to smell everywhere in the room to locate the odor but the stench was so strong that they could not use their sense of smell to isolate the location of the odor. In frustration the husband decided to look under the mattress and within the box springs was a dead body. Police were called and started an investigation.

Now you may think this was an isolated incident but you would be wrong! The truth is this has happened multiple time all across the United States. So the next time you are worried about the bed bugs biting, you also might think about the person sleeping beneath you, at your next hotel visit.


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