For most young girls they dream of the perfect wedding with the perfect man. For some this dream comes true but for others it is a nightmare. This is the story of Anna Baker.

Anna Baker was the daughter of an affluent family in Pennsylvania. Her father, Elias Baker, was an ironmaster. Elias along with his cousin Ronald Dillar purchased Alleghany Furnace in 1836. This venture was very profitable for both of them and in 1844 Elias bought out his cousin’s portion of the business.

In 1845 they broke ground on the families new home which was completed in 1849. Due to falling iron prices and expenses for the new home this almost drove the family to bankruptcy. The family’s new home was known as the Baker Mansion.

The family’s daughter Anna was not in love with the life of privilege. She was in love with a steelworker. Her father would have nothing to do with her marriage to a common working man. As a result Elias had forbidden his daughter from marrying the love of her life. Anna was devastated. She had already purchased the wedding dress in preparation for the wedding. She vowed to her father if she couldn’t get married to her one true love she would never get married.

Anna kept her vow to her father and after his death it was too late. Anna lived out her life in the family mansion. Still holding on to the past and the wedding dress. Servants within the home would see Anna from time-to-time dancing under the moonlight wearing the dress she never got to wear. Her broken heart and her anger towards her father setting the mood for the night.

In 1914 Anna past away leaving behind her anger in the wedding dress she was forbidden to wear. The home was eventually turned into a museum and the wedding dress was put on display.

Visitors to the museum had claimed to have seen Anna’s face in the glass of the display case holding the wedding dress. The dress would also sway back and forth telling the sad story of the love lost, some had said. But unfortunately the Baker Museum no longer¬†displays the haunted wedding dress, due to deterioration caused by exposure to sunlight.

If you would like to visit the Baker Mansion they are open for tours:

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