Real or unreal? You decide. We have two versions of the same story and we are unable to figure out which version is real. So, Members Wandering Souls Community will figure this out. Did an axe murderer really exist long ago or is the story of the Bunny Man Bridge and The Bunny Killer just an urban legend invented with twisted minds?

Entering a dark menacing tunnel called the Colchester Overpass on a starless and moonless night will take all the courage you can muster in this small Virginia town of Clifton.

Bunny Man Bridge sounds innocuous at first. Just about a guy who loves bunnies. Right? No, Wrong. He liked to eat them, not pet them.

Version One

As the story goes, a group of convicts being transferred to another institution for the criminally insane escaped from their crashed vehicle and took off helter-skelter. Two managed to survive the harrowing experience and escape, while the others died or were recaptured. But of those two “lucky” men, one was not so lucky. He was found hung by his neck inside the spooky structure along with a number of half-eaten bunnies.

A note from axe murderer “The Bunny Man” was attached to the body taking credit for the grisly murder. He obviously relished the deed and enjoyed the potential notoriety. The other convict and the suspected killer almost made a clean getaway but was hit and killed by a train as the sheriff and his deputies closed in. The trail to his body was littered with the hanging bodies of half-eaten rabbits. Can you picture the horror the train’s passengers experienced!

And the story gets creepier and more sinister.

No records of any insane asylums in the area existed. So where were the convicts going?  To their executions perhaps? Stories were circulated in the 1970s that a lunatic in a white costume that looked like a rabbit outfit or a Klu Klux Klan robe was spotted harassing and threatening passersby. The perpetrator was never found but many claimed he truly was “The Bunny Man.”

Version Two

History confirms that after the Civil War, an insane asylum finally was built in the region. But after public outcry,  it was demolished and the remaining criminals were to be transported, but some escaped during that process including  Marcus Lawster and Douglas Griffen. The rest were recaptured. But the authorities searched the area extensively and found nothing.  However,  the two appeared to have left a trail of half eaten and mutilated rabbits.

Marcus was eventually found, hanging from the bridge with a note attached to his dangling foot on which was written “You’ll never find me no matter how hard you try! Signed, The Bunny Man.”

This led to the renaming of the overpass as “The Bunny Man Bridge.” That descriptive label remains the same to this day.

The saga of the Bunny Man Bridge and the Bunny Man continues.

Many still fear the warning that by walking through the tunnel at midnight you will tempt fate, and the Bunny Man will capture and hang you there also

Other tales of horror are still told: One local resident, it is said, killed his parents, dragged their bodies through the deep dark forest and then hung them in the same spot. He then committed suicide, the cause of his death is still undetermined.

The Bunny Man Bridge, as you can well imagine, is the last place normally skeptical people would want to be on Halloween especially at midnight. However, some didn’t appreciate the danger. Three young people, two male and one female, were found dead the next morning with their bodies mutilated and hung from the bridge. Again, a note was attached to their feet with the ominous words written in a grotesque fashion, “You’ll never catch The Bunny Man!”

Some brave, and reckless reckless travelers tried to find the lair of The Bunny Man but only found a trail of mutilated rabbit parts. When they saw shadowing figures moving around the forest and heard strange sounds, they wisely fled.

Would you do the same?

As you can see this story has many twist and turns that we could not unravel. It may be just an Urban Legend or possibly something more. You decide.

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