Little Bobby Dunbar was a four year old child that went missing in 1912. Bobby’s story is one of the strangest ever told.

On August 23 1912, the Dunbar family went fishing at Swayze Lake in Louisiana. While fishing Bobby went missing in the swamps of Louisiana. The story captured the public’s interest and circulated in many newspapers between the years 1912 and 1913. Eight months after Bobby disappeared, authorities found a boy matching bobby’s description in Mississippi. The boy was with a drifter named William Walters.

Bobby was the youngest son of Lessie and Percy Dunbar and they were convinced that it was their son with the drifter.  But a woman named Julia Anderson told authorities that the little boy with the drifter was hers. She claimed Williams was the little boy’s uncle. The case went to trial and the boy was awarded to the Dunbars. Julia didn’t have the financial means to hire a lawyer.

The little boy remained with the Dunbar family. Bobby Dunbar got married and had four children then died in 1966. In 2004, his son Bobby Dunbar, Jr. took a DNA test, he was no relation what so ever to the Dunbars. Not only that, his DNA matched his dad’s actual mom Julia Anderson. Julia didn’t just lose her son, William Walters, the drifter and uncle, was sentenced to prison for kidnapping. Little Bobby Dunbar’s soul hasn’t found peace. The search for him was ended after the trial.


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